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T he main reason people overpay for car insurance is that it doesn't occur to the average American that they can benefit by regularly checking out the latest rates for auto coverage.

Currently the auto insurance providers are in a fierce battle to acquire new customers. To entice new customers, these carriers are often forced to look at how they can lower their monthly rates. This in turn benefits those Americans who take the time to look at new carriers.

Think about it, if you can save $75 per month by using our service you would save $900 over the course of the year.

At we don't do tricks, what we do is provide a free auto insurance marketplace where you can save time and money. To enter our marketplace just fill out the four short questions below and your personalized auto insurance marketplace will load.

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Top Things Americans
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on Car Insurance:

1. You are not locked into your current policy. If you have pre-paid for your current policy you can cancel it and get back the balance of your pre-paid amount.

2. Rates are constantly changing. In fact, the auto insurance market is highly competitive and in some states the rates have actually dropped.

3. Shop around and compare. The best and easiest way to save is by comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies. is a top savings referral service which enables consumers to quickly and easily request multiple competitive insurance quotes from optimally selected local insurance agents and companies using our proprietary consumer alignment technology. Our site does not provide quotes directly to consumers. While is a licensed insurance broker, we do not provide insurance and we do not represent any specific insurance provider.

The lowest advertised rates are not necessarily available from all advertisers on our site. matches users to advertisers and insurance agents only after we've received certain information from you, and your rates may vary based on your coverage limits, deductibles, driving history, education, occupation, type of vehicle, and location, among other factors., 210 Broadway, Suite 302, Cambridge, MA 02139